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Our systems are tested and engineered to ensure optimum system performance and reliability.  All panel systems are produced with precision in our 46,000 square foot manufacturing facility.  ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) is PVDF coated with polyethylene or fire-rated cores that come in a variety of premium colors and finishes including, but not excluded to, wood-grain and natural metal finishes.  Available in either 3mm, 4mm, or 6mm material, ACM is extremely flat, corrosive resistant, and has high durability against the elements.


Available test criteria: ASTM 331, ASTM E330-2, ASTM E331, ASTM 283-04, AAMA 508-07, AAMA 509, NFPA 285/ UBC-26-9, ASTM E 84, ASTM E 162, ASTM E 8, ASTM D 696, ASTM D 648, ASTM C 518

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